Seeking dance studios in Maryland and DC for independent film!

We are seeking dance studios in Maryland and DC for both rehearsals and production for our feature-length independent film EDGES THE FAMILIAR. This film is produced by local filmmakers and artists with a ton of heart, telling a moving story about human connection and passion. It features a dance performance and series of scenes that take place in various dance studios and on a small stage in the local area.

We are reaching out to the dance community to help us find great spaces/locations in the area that are willing to work with us with reasonable rental rates for periodic big blocks of time for rehearsals and production in March, April and possibly early May.

If you know of a location, please let us know! If you represent/manage/own a location, please contact us, let's talk!

There are THREE kinds of studios/spaces we're looking for, and it would be ideal if we could find a single location that contains all three studios/spaces, but we'll work with three separate locations if needed.

1 - For March and April, we are looking for virtually any kind of dance studio for rehearsals.

2 - For April and possibly early May,  we are looking for a studio space with hopefully a bit more personality for the film production itself -- perhaps in the form of something different or interesting like beautiful lighting, floors, unusual ceilings, modern or classical architecture, or great natural or built-in lighting options, etc... something that sets it apart if possible.

3 - For April and possibly early May, we need a small stage or performance space different than #1 and #2.

Please contact or call 410-870-7034 -- and thank you in advance for supporting local independent film!