We want to feature your COOL STUFF in our new indie film!

We need COOL PROPS for characters in the film who love original indie comics, graphic novels, games, books, posters, t-shirt designs, cool media, artwork, films, etc.! FYI - you need to be the full rights holder, no trademarked items! 

1) The concept is that you send us your cool stuff for use in our feature-length film. You give us permission to use it as a prop somewhere in the film. It may be on a bookshelf, a poster on a wall, a piece of artwork in the background, a comic book that a character holds in their hands and/or is reading, a t-shirt that someone is wearing, etc. It may get a close-up, a pan, mentioned or discussed by characters, or simply be in the background.

2) We want to share it in the film somewhere as a fun call out to friends, an easter egg and to add to the texture and enjoyment of the film... we want to share the work of our friends and let our characters be fans of your stuff on screen!

3) It will NOT be used in a disparaging way, although characters may argue over it or about it.

4) Due to the filmmaking process, it may not make the final cut of the film just simply because of how editing and production can work, but we will try our best to have it somewhere in a shot of the film, at least in the background.

5) We need to have permission to use the item this way, so you'll need to sign a release. (We will provide a basic release agreement shortly.) That's why you need to be the full rights holder and owner of the media/item/artwork/etc.! If you already have an indie small publisher, for example, please make 100% certain that you still retain all the rights to be able to do this.

6) Credit will be given in the film's credits and website!

7) You are responsible for shipping. Please do NOT mail anything that is expensive to replace or that you would be upset if it got lost or damaged in the mail, etc. -- smaller props like books, prints, posters, t-shirts, etc., are fine, but if you would like to have a one-of-a-kind object, something larger or more valuable in the film, please contact the producers and we'll arrange a different way of handling it!

8) Let us know if you have any questions!

9) Ship all items to:

Ochros Media
10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750
Bethesda MD 20817

10) Thank you! This will be such a fun level of detail to add to the film, and we hope you enjoy it! Please keep in touch with us about the film's progress!

James Durham & Ashley Poindexter-Tarmy
Producers, Edges the Familiar